For Retailers

Self Storage Gives More Space and Flexibility to Retailers

Retailers looking for more sales and storeroom space don't always have to lease out expensive additional square footage or look for other locations altogether. Rather than limit themselves and sales to what they can buy and stock at their existing store locations, savvy retailers are renting self storage spaces to solve their short and long term needs for space.

Businesses are filling more storage spaces with their seasonal stock, overstock, fixtures and signage because self storage locations typically offer rates lower than additional retail space and without long term commitments or leases.

Retailers know that the right mix and quantity of merchandise is crucial to the success of their business, especially during the biggest selling seasons of the year. Retailers making use of self storage units provide themselves with flexibility of more space on-demand to stock up on varieties and quantities of merchandise to sell for the holidays.

Whether for inventory, business records, fixtures, or signage, for short term or ongoing needs, self storage is a simple and flexible solution retailers can use to get more space and results for their business.

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