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Everyone Needs Storage

Everyone Needs Storage

Over the course of time, at one point everyone will benefit with the assistance of self storage. It may happen over time or unexpectedly. At Trans Canada Self Storage with our safe and secure facility, we will have a solution for everyone.

For Students - With apartments and student residences having smaller living spaces, which are in demand between semesters, it’s hard to find room to store friends items like books, furniture and bikes - Store your items short term.

Can’t Park in the Garage - With all families it don’t take long before the garage gets full and you can no longer park your vehicle in the garage. Once the seasons change parking outside can be undesirable. - Store your seasonal items, so you have room in the garage again.

Moving - You can store your items simply and safely while selling you home. Staging your home is the easiest way to increase to space and look of your home. Or is your new home not ready yet, store your large items. - It works, store your items temporary.

Traveling - Ever think about renting out your place, putting your valuables in our safe and secure facility and travel the world. - It’s simple, we can help.

Downsizing - As the population ages, many people are downsizing their living area but still need to keep thing such as seasonal items, heirloom items and extra... - Store your items long term and receive a discount.

Divorce - The unfortunate circumstance of divorce is hard and the last thing you ned is to worry about items that may be needed or divided at a latter date. - Store your items until you have the time to devote to the task.

Death - At Trans Canada Self Storage we are caring, compassionate and understand that you may require assistance with helping to temporary store items no longer used. - We will have a solution for you.

Ask any of our professional storage consultants, we have a solution for you!